Satellite Interaction Security

Communications Intelligence (COMINT) involving the covert interception of foreign interactions has been practiced by practically every sophisticated country because global telecommunications became readily available. COMINT is a large-scale commercial activity supplying customers with intelligence on diplomatic, economic and scientific developments.

Different interaction intelligence devices have been and are been designed in order to provide all with a protected communication channel. As satellite communications is growing day by day and is taking the major seat in the global communication network, items are being created keeping the Security issue in mind.

One of the quick establishing technologies in Communication industry supplies secure solutions through VSAT Interception, Monitoring and logging systems.

The system is developed genuine time collection and traffic analysis of VSAT Satellite Networks. It would offer total traffic (Voice/ FAX, Data and Multimedia) analysis of TDM/TDMA and SCPC DAMA systems.

Further the system is based upon a modular software and hardware architecture, allowing the end client the versatility of processing numerous channels simultaneously. The system also offers a GUI for all functions such as equipment control, tracking, storage and so on

. Such a system would be really beneficial and useful especially for the government organizations working for the Defense, as it would have the capability of keeping track of the total target VSAT systems traffic analysis of information, voice and multimedia.

The system is an overall incorporated and crafted option for the purpose of monitoring, analysis and processing of multiple target VSAT stations from one remote site.

In case of TDM/TDMA networks, the more info system provides generic monitoring and processing capability for inbound/outbound traffic.

Such systems offer us with a Secure Gateway for any type of communication, let it be Voice, Data, Fax or multimedia.

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